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What kid is this?

What happens when the buck escapes his pen? Early Christmas presents! Our first holiday kids, just a day old. Kids most commonly arrive as twins, and this set is no exception, with one girl, Noelle and one boy, Nick. Goats are born fully developed. These newborn kids were able to walk within a few minutes of birth. By two weeks old, kids are fearlessly agile, running and leaping for fun.They are silly, playful animals that will quickly learn how to run. Intelligent and curious, they love nibbling (not eating!) just about anything around them. Like human kids, goat kids like to snuggle. The “kid pile” is a common sight in the barn nursery, as they curl up with with each other for companionship and warmth. The kids are also vocal, making a sound called a bleat. Goat kids also bleat when they’re excited to see their caregivers at feeding time, or when we pick them up!


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