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About the Acreage

Wellington Acres was established to: connect people to animals to bring love, affection,

laughter, and calmness to those ailing in mind, body, or spirit.

We believe we are simply here as stewards of this beautiful land that is located on the ancestral unceded lands of the Sioux Santee (Eastern Dakota) Wahpekute (Waȟpékhute) peoples; as the traditional stewards of this land, it is with humility we honor and pay our respects to elders both past and present.

What We Do

Nature and Animal-Assisted Education isn’t just feel-good rhetoric; it is backed by solid research. Both Nature and Animals can positively affect brain chemistry, including dopamine (linked with reward-motivation behavior), oxytocin (bonding), and cortisol levels (stress). Having a friendly creature willing to bond can provide unconditional acceptance and support as a key factor for animal-assisted education and in today's hectic world a chance to detox from screens!


Who We Are

On the outside, we may look like a traditional hobby farm. But we’re far from ordinary. We're a small farm with big offerings—and a whole lot of Hart (pun intended).


We grew up in the country and share that same life with our three daughters, and exchange students. We have experienced life, the good, the bad and the ugly.


We've found great resilience in nature, a drive to just keeping moving and, in particular, with animals.

We seek to share the restorative value of nature and animals through educational content and sessions.


Join the Cause

Join an animal or nature class,

onsite or virtual.

Sponsor a class through donations.

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