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Animal Assisted Education

Animal-assisted activities (AAA) provide opportunities for motivation, education, or recreation to enhance quality of life.

Story Time
Image by Jamie Street

Animal Assisted Reading

Young people who participate in a Animal Assisted Reading will:

  1. Practice their read-aloud skills. What better way to practice reading aloud than to do it with animals who won’t judge whatever reading level you are at!

  2. Make a difference in the lives of farmed animal friends by providing enrichment to better their quality of life. 

  3. Virtually meet and learn about a few farmed animals and some of the ways they are just like us & we are just like them!

Virtual Sanctuary Story Time

Are you a young person who likes animals?


We have the opportunity for young people to provide a compassionate service to our animals from the safety and comfort of their own home!

Join us for Sanctuary Story Time with an Animal (or two) as our Event Coordinator, Clara Hart, who reads farm stories.

Ideal for children ages 3-6.


Individual Life Skills

These structured and individual sessions will give participants the opportunity to focus on strengthening their life skills, independence, and physical and mental health through animal- and farm-based tasks and embracing nature and the great outdoors.


Parent & Tot Groups

Interactive educational activities in the great outdoors, targeted specifically to infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children and their caregivers. This evidence-based, nature and farm program is wonderful for early childhood development.


Co-Care Farmers

/Jr. Program

Vocational programs for young adults (Co-Care Farmers), children and teens (Co-Care Farmers Jr.) who have an interest in being part of a farm operation. Learn hard/soft skills while working the farm.


Summer Special Interest Groups

Boost learning and fun with our special interest events throughout the summer. Our experiences are for small groups and take place on the farm. Events may include photography, dance, nature art, equine groundwork, and forest bathing.

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