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Meet Our Residents

Here are our permanent 'rescue' residents, who now spend more time rescuing us humans with their healing energies. 


Ms. Virginia Sugar

As the first Equine rescue to Wellington Acres, I'm the resident greeter. I'm ever curious and full of personality!


Take A Chance #3120

Saved from a kill-pen, frightened and malnourished I'm now feeling safe and curious. I'm a big Puppy Dog! 


Calming Effects of Chickens 


Calming  Chickens

Chickens are known for being docile and enjoy perching on people’s laps. Just holding a chicken, stroking its soft feathers, and listening to it purr is quite the mood lifter. Chickens aren’t dull. They have more than 24 different types of vocalizations as well as visual displays. Our Chickens are truly free-range and neighbors are used to them roaming!


Goat Assistants

Caprines are becoming more popular as education animals for a variety of reasons: they are easily trained, highly sociable, non-violent, and extremely entertaining. Most goats don’t even need a bond with a human to love them. Our goats are fainters and socialized correctly, they will just walk right up to you and want love and attention.

Ms. Bella Rose

I just arrived one day, dropped off out in the country with just a tattered rope around my neck. I wondered into the Wellington Acres barn, starving, wagged my tail, gave big 'scrunchies' kisses and have been here ever since. I'm full of energy and love FOOD!


Mr. Cody Francis

A puppy mill rescue, I'm the protector of the family and mother-hen of all the goat babies. I love kids and the elderly. Just be warned, I compulsively lick!


Takoda Cowgirl
(Sioux origin means: Friend To Everyone)

I arrived at Wellington Acres for my retirement from Rodeo. I was once a barrel racing champion, but was neglected when I started to slow down. I love watching over the farm as a keen watch horse!



Saved from a kill-pen, abused and neglected I'm still very skittish but am coming around and love talking walks. 

I enjoy apple treats and virtual story hours!

Sponsor a Friend

Your contribution goes towards all of the items & services we need to continue ensuring the life these rescue animals need as well as promote services for humans to benefit from healing animal assisted education.

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