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Reasons to "View Through Young Eyes"

It has been a busy, seemingly fast, summer here at Wellington Acres. Lots of activity, lots of fun. With Jr. Farmer - Day Camps, the "Jr's" have bailed hay, harvested-cleaned-frozen Peas, Gardened, Taken care of Bunnies-Goats-Chickens, Groomed and Ridden horses, Camped outside, and Arts-n-Crafts. They have made friends, eaten well, and have made the place alive. But the most impactful for us has been the 'view of farm through young eyes'...

Everything Is New and a Learning Experience:

The young are fascinated by everything because it’s all new to them. They’re not jaded by what the world has to offer. Every day is new to them, so everything seems exciting and full of possibilities. Asking “why?” over and over and over again. They want to know everything! They don’t take no for an answer because they know there’s a satisfying answer behind it.

Everyone Is A Possible Friend

The young are always open to meeting new people. They want to smile and make friends and learn people’s names and what they do and why.

You Think Positively

The young don’t automatically think the worst when presented with a new situation. Because so many experiences are new to children, they automatically have a positive attitude towards things. They’re eager to try something new, especially if it’s presented to them as an adventure.

The World Is Full Of Possibilities

The fact is, the world is full of possibilities for everyone, not just the young who haven’t really lived yet. They’re just the only ones who take that knowledge and use it to their advantage.


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