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Mani/Pedi Day

The day has come, time to kick out those hooves and get cleaned up!


Excerpt by Cole Henderson, Farrier.

1.Showing up two hours late. This allows horse owners to spend extra quality time with their horses, sweep the barn and tidy up to give the illusion of order. And just enough time for the horses to become impatient in their stalls, demand more food and 'talk' to you. 2. Showing up two days late. This allows horse owners more time to get ready for the farrier's visit. It allows for things like choosing the appropriate wardrobe, getting that last speck of dirt off Ginny and fantasizing about the wonderful experience of standing in the cold while the farrier sweats like a mule. 3. Not showing up at all. A great form of psychotherapy for horse owners, allowing them to finally deal with those long ago feelings of abandonment from childhood. Farriers should charge extra for this service but they don't. LOL! 4. Leaving all those wonderful hoof trimmings for the dog. What a generous treat! And it's free to boot. The large pool of vomit on the living room carpet at 3 AM is a small price to pay for canine happiness. 5. Charging outrageous prices for mediocre work--a lesson in the value of friendship. Your farrier allows you to show him how important that friendship is every four or five weeks by tipping him above and beyond the true value of his work. How kind of him to offer you such an opportunity!

Seriously, we and our equines love our Farrier. It is hard work and we appreciate the good cheer he always brings with him.


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