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Groovy Goats

Music is a language that involves pitch, tone, frequency and volume. These elements of sound are what horses and other animals use to communicate with; they also help animals assess their environments for survival purposes. It is common belief that having background music can help to calm and soothe nervous horses while in their stalls. On racetracks, grooms whistle and sing to their horses as they care for them. You will often find barn radios playing softly, even when horses are left alone in the barn. Many horses seem to enjoy the music, as long as the setup is designed with a horse’s natural habits in mind while others argue it takes away their ability to hear threats and can put horses on edge.

But Goats, well they love to rock out! They will jump and play to the music. All our goats love music. We keep our music low and set to country or classic rock to ensure stress is kept low, and the goats seem to like Twin baseball games!

The decision to play music, in the barn is one that only you can make given your individual situation but in ours, turns out the goats really like to get their groove on!


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