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Benefits of "Unplugging"

Beautiful Fall weather offers the best time to put down that device!

Delighted to host an "Unplugged" Retreat at Wellington Acres. Various studies show that unplugging from technology can do wonders for your interpersonal relationships and in-person communication. It encourages you to connect with others off screen and to compose your thoughts, instead of relying on a text-based medium. Unplugging takes away possible FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) syndrome that many people struggle with. We admit that technology makes communication convenient and quick, but it removes a lot of important elements of communication such as body language, tone, and other factors that help us to bond and understand one another. This is something social media and the Internet can’t help with. So put down that device, get outside and connect with others.

Feel free to join us here at Wellington Acres for an "Unplugged" experience!


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